Hi, Friends!

Today, I have spent a few hours reminiscing on the first few months of our recovery process and the importance of that time period to our Port Royal Strong Foundation. As we share our timeline of events, we think that this story will be a story of hope that will help us to all appreciate our journey and the lessons we have learned to continue to demonstrate our resilience of getting better every single day.

Port Royal after Hurricane Harvey passed.

One of the first amenities to be complete in restoration and rebuilding on property was our pool. Having the largest resort style pool in South Texas, you can only imagine what our guests were asking. “How is the pool?” and, “When will the pool be complete?” were the first questions many of our guests and owners had. Our pool technicians and lifeguard team worked simultaneously to complete the pool area. After two months of deep cleaning, refinishing, removing roofing materials and pumping chlorine straight into the water, our pool was complete. It was such an accomplishment for our team to see the color blue again. Seeing the water colors change from black to blue so fast gave the rest of our team members a sense of hope and relief that we could actually do this. There surely was light at the end of our tunnel. Although we were far from the end of that tunnel, progression was in full affect. This was the start of the Port Royal Strong momentum. The simple power of the pool, the heart of our property, fueled our employees to go above and beyond in every given task.

Guests enjoying the pool area.

It is human nature to want to draw together as one during a crisis or catastrophic event. That’s exactly what happened here. The days did not feel so long after a while. Our employees pushed through the hard-working conditions.

“I was able to push through because of everything Port Royal has done for me and other employees. Since even before Harvey, Port Royal has always gone above and beyond to help us. I have never worked for a company like this one. It is unheard of the things PR has done for the betterment of their employees. It’s like we became more of a family after working together every day. I know my team now has changed drastically since August 25th, 2017. All in positive ways. We are all closer than we have ever been” said Ahlea Cormier, a housekeeping supervisor.

There was one special word mentioned in each of our employee testimonials; Family. This simple six letter word has a different meaning to you and me. We have spent almost every day since September 5 together. We’ve had our own ups and downs, but we were there for one another no matter the situation. Our team members were able to have difficult conversations with one another, knowing they were not going to get judged but rather comforted. Even though we would end our days weighed down from sweat throughout the day, there were hugs exchanged at the end of multiple shifts. The “family” aspect of the situation kept us moving forward. There is a special bond between us that nobody will ever be able to take away. We are family. We are #PortRoyalStrong.

Port Royal team working together.

Happy Friday to all, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Talk to you soon, Friends!

-Brandon C.

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