As we share our timeline of events, we think that this story will be a story of hope that will help us to all appreciate our journey and the lessons we have learned to continue to demonstrate our resilience of getting better every single day.

Corpus Christi City Council visiting Port Royal.

One year after the Hurricane, there are still many employees who have needs from Harvey – both old and new. We still have a few employees whose homes are not 100%, yet they come to work every day, and they don’t have their hand out. They just want to do what they can to put Port Royal back together again. Some of our employees continue to sacrifice even though they’re meeting multiple needs of their own family members who may have been displaced and they’re taking care of those family members who may not even have jobs still, from Harvey.

People are continuously asking us, “How can we help your team? How can we thank them?” The foundation provides a way to assist many employees, so they can continue to come to work with fewer distractions. It could be something like mounting medical bills, emergency car repairs, or other unforeseen financial difficulties. We want to return their commitment with our support… We’re very excited about not only helping our employees, but we want to continue our commitment and our footprint into the community as well. Our employees will also have a chance to nominate community organizations that are not getting support and it will provide our employees a way to reach out and give in the community. We want to continue to exercise our belief, which is “Service First” as we give to the community. Through the storm, we learned to embrace our larger community, and we invite each of you to join us as we continue to celebrate resilience and getting better.

There are multiple ways you can contribute to The Port Royal Strong Foundation. General Manager, Kendra Kinnison, and her team shared the recovery process through her novel, Royal Resilience: Our Story of Surviving and Thriving After Hurricane Harvey. Royal Resilience can be purchased on Amazon, delivered directly to your front door, both available in paperback and kindle versions. All proceeds fund the Port Royal Strong Foundation to assist our employees at this time.

Port Royal team at book signing.

If you would like to contribute a direct donation to our Foundation, you may do so by clicking here.

Port Royal team members posing at the #portroyalstrong wall.

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