Continuous Service: Employee Edition

Hi, Friends and Happy Monday!

We quickly realized after Hurricane Harvey that we were going to have to adjust to a “new normal.” At least for a while, we would not be able to go to work every day and serve guests on our property. As we looked around at our damage and all that our community had lost, we wondered where to begin. Then we decided to embrace our new reality and put together something that was good.

We went out to serve our community, began to rebuild our property, and we found new ways to serve our guests even when our facilities weren’t fully restored. In many ways, this new normal is greater than what we had before – we are a stronger, more resilient team because of what we’ve had to go through. We are Port Royal Strong!

Over one year after Hurricane Harvey, our employees continue to face challenges from the storm. Our Port Royal family has been right there through it all, ready to help wherever needed. Just a couple of weeks ago, one of our employees shared this post about her coworkers who came to help fix her floors:

“I want to give a shout out and a huge “Thank You” to Lou and Ernie who took time out of their day off on Sunday to come to my house and repair my floor. My floor has been like this since Harvey. Now I can walk in it again security. Thank you both again!!”

After Hurricane Harvey, service became more than just part of our jobs – it’s now the heart of who we are. Our employees come to work every day with positive attitudes, ready to serve, even though they face their own challenges at home. We created the Port Royal Strong Foundation to return their service with our support and to help them overcome those challenges. You can help us by contributing to the Port Royal Strong Foundation at

#PortRoyalStrong #RoyalResilience

For those of you visiting our Blog pages for both Port Royal and Port Royal Strong, I want to thank you. It is great to see interaction and feedback from our guests and friends of Port Royal.

Talk to you soon, Friends!

-Brandon C.

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