Port Royal Strong Employee Assistance FAQ

How do I apply?

You must apply online at www.portroyalstrong.com website.  There are a few questions to help us understand the nature and reason for your need.


What else do I need for my request?

For any bills of an urgent nature, please upload a copy of the bill.  All documentation will be handled confidentially by the Foundation.  If it is a non-billable item, please submit any documentation that will assist with understanding your need.


What is the maximum I can request and how often?

There is no financial maximum. However, we want to meet the needs of several employees.  Further documentation may be required for the board evaluation of requests.  Employees can request up to three times per year.


How will the funds be delivered?

Checks may be issued to the vendor/provider of service when it is appropriate.  Other situations may call for a check to be paid directly to the employee.  Each scenario will be reviewed for the best payment method when granted.


Can I request funds for a family member or child?

The Foundation funds are specifically for employees and their immediate household.


How will I be notified?

A Foundation board member will contact you via phone call and/or an email.


Will funds I receive be deducted from my paycheck?

No, any funds given by the Foundation are a gift and is not required to be paid back.


Any questions?  Send us an email at contact@portroyalstrong.com.

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